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 L2A-mobile: search setting(2010-06-14)
 L2A-mobile: display address of setting(2010-06-14)

 Index of Manual and Help for L2A-mobile(2007-11-03)
 Basic usage of L2A-mobile(2007-11-03)
 Option: category of goods(2007-11-03)
 Option: image and output (2007-11-03)
 Option: order and Amazon(2007-11-03)
 Selection of Options by URL(2007-11-03)
 Handling by the Number Button(2007-11-03)
 Search by ASIN and ISBN(2007-11-03)
 Search using PC (Lead2Amazon)(2007-11-03)
 Author of L2A-mobile(2007-11-03)