Handling by the Number Button

This page explains how to handle L2A-mobile by the number button.


Handling by the Number Button

You can handle L2A-mobile by number button on mobile phones. For example, “[9]manual&help” corresponds to “9” button on mobile phones. In this page, you can go the other page by pushing the number in the under horizontal line.


The correspondence of number in L2A-mobile

The number correspondence of L2A-mobile is as follows.


search input page

[1]:focus on entry field.
[2]:select the search button.
[7]:move to search setting page.
[8]:move to address display page.
[9]:move to manual&help page.
[0]:reset of the search settings.


search result page

[1]:send the result URL in E-mail.
[2]:move to top of the page.
[3]:move to display setting page.
[4]:switch of image display.
[5]:switch of output(-).
[6]:switch of output(+).
[7]:move to search setting page.
[8]:move to the bottom of the page.
[9]:move to manual&help page
[*]:move to previous page
[0]:move to main page with the current settings.
[#]:move to next page.

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