Option: order and Amazon

This page explains the order and Amazon of L2A-mobile. You can choose order and Amazon of country in advance.


the order of goods

You can choose order of goods in L2A-mobile. The order is as follows: best-selling, new arrival, alphabetical, price ascending, and price descending. However, some combination can't accept L2A-mobile. If you select invalid order, L2A-mobile modifies the order to best-selling.


Amazon of country

L2A-mobile can search: Amazon.com in U.S., Amazon.ca in Canada, Amazon.co.uk in U.K., Amazon.de in Germany, Amazon.fr in France, and Amazon.co.jp in Japan.


valid combination

For example, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk don't have category of foreign books. Amazon.com can't accept the order of new arrival with electronics. The executable combination is too complex to display for the mobile html. If you are interested in the combination, refer to [for PC] Search in Amazon of Each Country through Lead2Amazon

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