Selection of Options by URL

This page explains how to select options of L2A-mobile by URL.


URL of setting

Though you can set the option from [7]search settings, it is troublesome to set the option with each search. You can set the often-used setting by URL. For example, L2A-mobile (books, image off, detailed, best-selling,, L2A-mobile (music, image on, track information added, new arrival,


how to get the URL

You can go to [8]display address in the screen of search input or search setting. The page displays URL of L2A-mobile with search setting by selecting “[2]display the address”. If you select “Mail”, there is a link to send mail with the search setting. If you select code, there is a QR code to access the search setting.

QR code is trademarked by Denso Wave, inc.


Sending settings from Lead2Amazon

If you use PC, you can send the search settings of L2A-mobile from Lead2Amazon. The first thing is to search in Lead2Amazon with the intended search settings and arbitrary words. You find the mobile phone icon on the right side of page icons in the search result. The mobile phone icon is the link icon to the setting page of L2A-mobile. If you click the mobile phone icon, you go to the search setting page of L2A-mobile with the search settings. The guide page for PC is [for PC] Search in Amazon using L2A-mobile.

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