[Result of Amazon Search through Lead2Amazon]

Lead2Amazon searches for goods in 6 Amazons in the world.
This page shows the search result of Lead2Amazon.
Selectable outputs of Lead2Amazon are written in Output of Amazon search through Lead2Amazon.

Character in the Result

Lead2Amazon displays a search result as follows.

Search Result of Lead2Amazon

The blue name of goods indicates a link to Amazon of each country. Lead2Amazon shows the author, publisher, artist, and maker. Lead2Amazon shows 10-digit unique ID of goods which is called ASIN. If Amazon provides reviews about item, Lead2Amazon shows the average score.

If you click the blue codes of the right of ASIN, Lead2Amazon searches in other Amazon by ASIN. You can search the information and reviews in other Amazon.

search by ASIN in Amazon.de

The following table shows the correspondences.

code Amazon (country) URL of Website
US Amazon.com (The United States of America) http://www.amazon.com/
CA Amazon.ca (Canada) http://www.amazon.ca/
UK Amazon.co.uk (The United Kingdom) http://www.amazon.co.uk/
DE Amazon.de (Germany) http://www.amazon.de/
FR Amazon.fr (France) http://www.amazon.fr/
JP Amazon.co.jp (Japan ) http://www.amazon.co.jp/

Mark in the Result

the right side of name of goods

If you click the mark in the right side of name of goods, you can search by the name in each search engine. G indicates Google.Y indicates Yahoo!. If the category is books, Lead2Amazon displays W mark in the right side of name of goods. It links Webcat Plus of National Institute of Informatics through 10-digit ISBN.

the right side of author or maker

If you click the mark in the right side of author or maker, you can search by the author or maker in each search engine. G indicates Google.Y indicates Yahoo!. If you click L, you search Lead2Amazon again by the author or maker.

the right side of ASIN

Lead2Amazon displays yellow mail mark yellow mail mark on the right side of ASIN. If you click this mark, the default mailer software runs. The subject and message body are written in advance. You can send the search result goods information by just filling the destination address. The message contains URL of Lead2Amazon and L2A-mobile You can review the goods using PC and mobile phone.

message body of the result mail

the right side of Amazon price

If Amazon deals the goods, marks of cartcart and windowwindow display on the right side of Amazon price. Even if you don't login the Amazon site, the Amazon server records the shopping cart for a while. If you click cart, you go to the Amazon site to add the goods in the shopping cart. If you click window, you go to Amazon site to add in the cart with a new window of the Web browser. You continue searching in Lead2Amazon by clicking window.. You can log-in and buy the goods after searching.

The following page explains the setting, output, installation to the search bar, and L2A-mobile.