[Search in Amazon of Each Country through Lead2Amazon]

Lead2Amazon searches for goods in 6 Amazons in the world.
This page shows the basic usage of Lead2Amazon for PC.
If you want to search in L2A-mobile using mobile phone, go to Search in Amazon using L2A-mobile.

What is Lead2Amazon?

Lead2Amazon is a Web tool that makes search in Amazon easy. You can choose category of goods, order, and country in advance. Lead2Amazon has five kinds of output: normal, BibTeX of books, disk track of music, related goods, and mobile access. Using Lead2Amazon, you readily get information from Amazon.

As the following movie shows, the search procedure is easy.

Search by keywords

Basic search method of Lead2Amazon is the same as general search engine. Enter keywords and click search button. For example, the keywords are title, author, publisher, artist, and producer. If Lead2Amazon shows search result, you can move to the other page by clicking number 2 arrow.

Search Result of Lead2Amazon

Search by ASIN or ISBN

Each goods in Amazon has 10-digit unique ID which is called ASIN. ASIN is acronym for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Lead2Amazon accepts search query of ASIN. If the search query is ASIN, the category of goods is ignored. In general, ISBN is printed on back cover of book. ISBN is acronym for International Standard Book Number. Lead2Amazon accepts search query of ISBN. ISBN is 13-digit if assigned after 2007. ISBN is 10-digit if assigned before 2007. The old version of 10-digit ISBN matches ASIN. Lead2Amazon accepts search query of both 13-digit ISBN and 10-digit one. Lead2Amazon automatically distinguish between hyphenated ISBN and unhyphenated one. If the search query is ISBN, the category of goods is ignored.

Search by 13-digit ISBN

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