[Output of Amazon Search through Lead2Amazon]

Lead2Amazon searches for goods in 6 Amazons in the world.
This page shows the output options of Lead2Amazon: BibTeX, disc track, related goods, and mobile access.
The common result of Lead2Amazon is written in Result of Amazon Search through Lead2Amazon.

Ouptut Option

Search in Amazon of Each Country through Lead2Amazon shows the basic usage of Lead2Amazon. This page explains each output of Lead2Amazon.

output option.gif


BibTeX is a tool to list references in TeX. If you choose BibTeX, Lead2Amazon produces BibTeX format information about books.

BibTeX output of Lead2Amazon

You can get BibTeX information by copy. Paste the script to bib file or BibTeX source in JabRef.

copy from BibTeX in Lead2Amazon

disc track

If you choose disc track as option , Lead2Amazon displays track information of music disc.

disc track infomation added

related goods

If you choose related goods as option, Lead2Amazon displays related goods and links. The name of goods links to Amazon. If you click ASIN, Lead2Amazon searches the goods again by ASIN. You can search related goods iteratively.

relaeted goods

mobile access

QR code to access L2A-mobileIf you choose mobile access as option, Lead2Amazon displays URL for mobile phone. The URL makes accessing to goods page of L2A-mobile easy. In addition, Lead2Amazon displays QR code. The QR code contains the name of goods and the URL for mobile. A camera phone equipped with the QR code reader can scan the image on screen or paper. The right image is QR code of https://lead.to/ae. This QR code enables the camera phone to access L2A-mobile directly.

mobile access information added

The following page explains the setting, installation to the search bar, and L2A-mobile.